That's me in that pic up there... doing what I LOVE to do!! I am a high-energy, hard-working, down-to-earth, insanely creative human in Montgomery County, Maryland. My camera(s) and I have been in business since 2013. I primarily serve the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas but I have worked up and down the east coast in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Atlanta.... I'm more than happy to add locations to that list. 

Art and photography have been in my blood since birth. I have developed my skills through course work in some of the country's best photography education organizations. I have also personally trained under some of the most successful photography professionals in the industry. 

KIDS. ARE. MY. FAVORITE. There's no question about that. However, I photograph a vast range of subjects... families, weddings, headshots, real estate, parties... you name it - I'll capture it.

My style is playful, genuine and bright. I have done hundreds of sessions and no two are exactly the same. My method is simple, fun and effective: I let my subjects inspire me to capture and create works of art with my camera. My clients are mostly repeat clients... And my primary method of marketing is word-of-mouth. There is no greater reward than watching my clients' families and businesses grow through my lens. 

In my previous life I had an exciting and intense career in the luxury hospitality industry. I've met hundreds of celebrities, CEO's, politicians and rockstars and have had many crazy experiences taking care of the rich and famous! The only celebrities I cater to nowadays are my kid-cleints... I LOVE making children feel like superstars in front of my camera!

If we spend any amount of time together, you are sure to hear about my three favorite humans... Ryan, Lucy and Jack Tappis. My husband, Ryan is my biggest supporter and my business wouldn’t exist without him. You’re likely to see him setting up lights, carrying my equipment, and even keeping me hydrated during a big shoot. I made Lucy and Jack from scratch. They are my adorable, hilarious and amazing kids. They are my muses, my whys, and my main models when trying new set-ups and skills! 

Heard enough?

Awesome, nice to meet you. Lets get to work.