Picture Days for Bella Ballet and EMPOWER are April 26, 27 & 28!

The assigned time for your child's class has been distributed by Bella Ballet and EMPOWER.
Every child has a unique access code; sent to your email.
(240) 307-4530 or email [email protected] with your child's name. 


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions: 

Who is Erica?
Erica is the owner and primary photographer at erica b. tappis photography (AKA “erica photos”). She has been in business for 10 years here in Montgomery County. Erica has a wide range of specialties but her forte is capturing children. She is very quick to make her kid-clients feel comfortable in front of the camera and letting their personalities shine in her photos.


How do I register for my child to be photographed?

  • Erica has an Advance Pay registration system through “PhotoDay”. A link and access code for your child will be sent to the email address you provided to Bella Ballet/EMPOWER.
  • Didn’t get a code? Text 240-307-4530 with your child’s name and we will send it to you with the link to register.
  • Registration is VERY FAST – your child’s info (including class) has been pre-loaded. Just purchase an Advance Pay credit and you’re done.
  • You do NOT have to decide what to buy before you see the image. You must however choose an Advance Pay option based on how many images you want to be able to choose from when the images are published.
  • Your total Advance Pay credit will be applied in full towards the print or digital image package of your choice.
  • ALL dancers will be included in the class photos - regardless if you have purchased a credit or not!


What if I have 2 or 3 kids at Bella Ballet / EMPOWER?

We have options for you to avoid having to purchase an entire photo package for each child. You can buy ONE Advance Pay credit for BOTH or ALL of your dancers. The $150 (for 2 siblings) and $200 (2 or 3 siblings) Advance Pay options can be shared. 

What if my child has more than one costume? 
The Advance Pay registration system through “PhotoDay” is designed FOR YOU! You'll see there are options for you to buy ONE advance pay credit for 4 to 10 poses/costumes. For example: If your child has 2 costumes and you purchase the $100 AP credit, I will be sure to capture 2 unique poses in each costume - 4 poses in total. 

Can I see my child's photo before I purchase it?

YES!! While you must purchase an Advance Pay credit before picture day to have your child’s portrait taken, you can wait to see the image(s) before deciding what to buy! Print and digital packages, canvases statues, class photos and smaller items area available. The product menu is viewable when you enter your child’s code or here. The packages are all customizable - so if you have multiple images, you can use whatever image you want to fill the package.


What if I just want to purchase the class photo?

Just want the class photo? Your job here is done! If your child appears in the class photo, you will receive an email after picture day when the class photos are available. No Advance Pay is required. NOTE: The digital copies of class photos are NOT for sale.


Will I be able to view and purchase photos of my dancer performing on stage in June?

Yes, of course! Erica and her team will capture all three recitals on June 16 and will get as many action shots of your superstars on stage as possible! Image galleries will be posted and emailed a couple weeks after the recital. If you don’t use your Advance Pay credit in full for Picture Day purchases, you can use it towards recital images.


Any other questions?

Don't hesitate to email, text or call Erica directly. She is happy to help.

📲 (240) 307-4530  📧 [email protected]