POTD April 16, 2014

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Over the past couple months I have been super busy and having lots of fun! I have had some wonderful shoots with awesome people... a few couples & engagements, lots of headshots, a surprise wedding and even some coffee beans (yep, you heard me)! To top it off, I filed my taxes as business in the state of Maryland. There's no turning back now! I will try to share more of what I've been up to from time to time, but it's no secret that blogging is not my forte. I'm working on it. 

For a little change of pace, instead of happy faces, here are a few critters Lucy and I caught on our trip to Florida last month. Knowing I'd be chasing a toddler and roughing it, I only took along my back up camera (Canon 40d) and an inexpensive 50mm lens. I am thrilled with some of the results! I'm still sorting through about a hundred beautiful sunrise & set shots so check back for those soon. 


POTD February 6, 2014

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Here's proof you don't need a perfect pretty dress, a flawless background and a beautiful day for gorgeous photos of your kids.  I left Lucy alone for 5 minutes today and this is what I came back to. Sitting on the rocking chair with 2 books about Easter and a few stuffed friends. She even dressed herself! (obviously she's a minimalist). All I did was stop what I was doing, grabbed my camera and spun the chair around to get some light on her.

I often get questions from moms with fancy cameras who want to take awesome photos of their kids. My first piece of advice is to practice... a lot. Easier said than done since most kids are rarely sitting still, and would rather eat peas than pose for a picture. When you're taking pictures of kids, you get the best results when you let them be the boss for a change. Follow their lead. And sometimes that means they will start "posing" when you least expect it. Keep your camera close, the battery charged, and your eyes always open. Eventually at some point you will find them sitting (somewhat) still... pick up your camera and start shooting!


Taken on February 6, 2014

Lucy's Room, North Potomac, MD. 



POTD(s) November 7, 2013

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My blog has been a bit quiet lately, but my business has been far from it. Over the past month I found myself an excellent mentor, invested in new equipment & editing software, updated my pricing page and my portfolio, and have had several awesome clients! Its time to share some of the beautiful photos from my recent sessions that I have added to my collection.

Somewhere amidst all the learning, shooting & editing my family took a trip to Florida where I had the wonderful experience of meeting 1-month-old baby Alex. We took her on her first trip to the beach just after sunrise. Everything. was. PERFECT. Just enough clouds to soften the light from the sun, warm-but-not-hot weather, a tiny breeze, an empty beach, and a very sleepy baby. 

POTD September 22, 2013

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I'm pretty sure the weather around here today was textbook perfect. If its any indication of the next few months, its going to be an awesome fall. I couldn't resist taking a drive down to the Potomac River to continue my quest to find the ideal location for fall photo shoots. I now have another beautiful spot to add to my list. Now I just need a few more gorgeous families to get in front of my camera!


Taken on September 22, 2013

Poolesville, MD

POTD(s) September 18, 2013

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Lucy and I are on the hunt for a perfect location for fall portraits... and we are having a lot of success (and fun)!  I can't wait to fill the backgrounds of my photos with changing leaves and fall colors! We are finding so many beautiful spots, I may have to use more than one...  I have three families lined up for mid-October portraits. I would love to add you to the list! Please contact me if you are interested to learn about my portfolio-building rates!


Taken on September 17, 2013

Gaithersburg, MD