Spring Picture Day is now on Tuesday, April 25, 2023!!

Individual photos will be taken for kids who have pre-paid.
Be sure to check your email for pre-pay instructions, we are using a new system! 

Class photos will be captured for ALL kiddos!

Frequently Asked Questions are below:



1. Who is Erica?
Erica is the owner and primary photographer at erica b. tappis photography. She has been in business for 10 years here in Montgomery. Erica has a wide range of specialties but her forté is capturing children. She is very quick to make her kid-clients feel comfortable in front of the camera and letting their personalities shine in her photos!

2. What’s new since the last picture day?
Erica has a new automated system in place for Picture Days! Same cost for you and a much smoother ordering process. You will receive an email with your child’s code BEFORE picture day. If you would like individual photos, you will need to Pre-Pay using their code and the link in your email. If you just want class photos, you don’t need to do anything until AFTER Picture Day…. Everyone will receive an email once the images are uploaded.


3. What does the background look like?
The graphics on the flyer at Georgetown Hill and in the PhotoDay system include images with the background that will be used! It will be a very colorful, Springy setting! 

4. What is the cost?
The cost to participate is $40 per child. Children who are not registered with payment will not be photographed individually. You will receive an email 10-14 days after Picture Day with a link to your child's photos (3-6 images per kid). You will be able to order prints or the digital images directly from the gallery. You will receive a $40 (per child) credit towards any print or digital image purchase. You can pick and choose any image for your package – including the class photo!

5. Do you do touch-ups? 
Of course! Bruises and boogers are a part of everyday life when you're a kid! I will do retouches for scrapes, bruises and runny noses. If you have a specific request, you can note it in the registration form. Temporary tattoo removal will incur an additional charge. 

6. What items do you sell? 
I sell prints in a variety of standard print sizes from a high-quality professional print lab. I also sell digital image files and a few specialty products. The minimum package is $40 (the same amount as the Pre-Pay fee). So you will have the option to choose prints and spend $0.00 additional. Shipping charges may apply. 

7. Will you be taking class photos?
Yes absolutely! You will have the option to view and purchase class photos when you receive your galleries. Please note, class photos are not included in individual picture packages.

8. What if I have more than one kid? 
If you have more than one child participating, you will need to pre-pay for each child. I will automatically photograph them individual and separately if you register for both.

9. What if I just want the class photo?
10-14 days after Picture Day, you will receive an email with a link to your child’s class photo. There is no need for you to register in advance.

10. When will I receive my purchases?
All print purchases ordered within the set deadline will ship FREE to Georgetown Hill. Any purchases after the dealing will incur a shipping charge to your home. Digital image purchases will be available for immediate download.


More questions?
e-mail: [email protected]   or   call/text: 301-325-6862